September 03, 2014

Another Blog: Kandinsky Inspired


I know I've not been posting a great deal.  Please forgive me.  I've been cheating on you with another blog.  In preparation for ARTOBER NASHVILLE...Janet and I have been working on lessons and resources for the elementary teachers featuring KANDINSKY!  We're so excited about this!!!!  If you look on aren't going to find much...well..except for Concentric Circles.  However, if you study his work...your mind will run wild with all the ways you can use his work as inspiration for your students!!  
So yesterday and today we had professional development for the elementary art teachers of Nashville creating teacher examples and exploring the work of Kandinsky.  SO MUCH FUN!!  I lead the PD yesterday..and Janet is leading today.  The teachers are very excited.  So here is who I've been cheating on you with!!  HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!!!!

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  1. I headed right on over to your new blog. Almost as good as being there for your PD's. What a fortunate group to be able to meet and plan together so often!