September 09, 2014

Plast'rcraft by Pacon

I got this amazing big box of Plast'rcraft by Pacon this summer, and decided to test drive it with a student I give private art lessons (she had just finished 4th grade).  I'm not a 3-D person...but LOVED this project & product! 

We started by creating an armature using plastic water bottles & masking tape.   My student created a rhino/bear creature....and I made the fish.

The directions are simple!  However, I should have thought things through a bit.  Precutting  the Plast'rcraft into smaller strips would have been best for a project such as this.  Cause once you get is harder to backtrack. 

The product went on well...and clung to our armature.  If you like the texture of the gauze, then you can leave it.  If you want a smoother surface...just dip your finger in water and rub.  The plaster fills in the spaces nicely for a smoother finish.  

I think having a solid armature is important.  The masking tape we used came from Dollar General, and wasn't the greatest.  I ended up using the Plast'rcraft to "hold" things together.  Next time I'll make sure my tape is a better quality.  

We still need to paint them, but they turned out great!  I was amazed at how strong they came once the product dried.  I know...should have guest plaster based products would do such a thing!?!?! ha ha  A project like this in a classroom would work, but would have to be broken up into 3 different class times more than likely.  Day 1, sketch & create armature.  Day 2, cover armature in Plast'rcraft.  Day 3, paint sculpture.   Managing supplies is also essential.  It is going to get be prepared! 

I have an idea one doing step 1 & 2 the same day...but that post will have to wait till I actually give it a try!  Stay tuned...and try Plast'rcraft by Pacon!  It is really fun stuff!!!



  1. We used a similar material during a PD day for a project inspired by Clyde Connell. The material we used was actually scraps from an orthopedist office that were donated. I had used regular Plast'r Craft before but now I'm thinking about calling around and seeing of any other local docs want to donate because the quality was incredible and everything because super sturdy.

  2. I had my 3rd graders (26 of them) make animal masks last year out of the plas'rcraft. They loved it and they turned out great. It was actually a very easy clean up. We painted them and added other materials to make fur, eyes, and what not that needed other textures.

  3. I've used plaster bandage extensively. I had designated water bowls, designated scissors, etc. All plaster materials were stored in a separate location and the kids learned the specifics of use and cleanup so that we could be efficient. We made everything from complex sculptures of people in action, to life masks(direct face casts), to funky finger puppets, and much more. It's expensive, and potentially a cleanup challenge, so I used it for my older kids for long term projects, and prefer to use apier-mâché for sculptures similar to your animals.

  4. I use this product every year to make animals. Usually we make the armature out of aluminum foil on day 1 and then plaster away on day 2. Last year I tried making larger animals using similar materials as yours for the armature and the kids had a harder time keeping the animal in one piece so I will go back to using the foil only armature. And yes, pre cutting it into smaller pieces ahead of time is a must. The kids absolutely love it!