September 25, 2014

TGE Art At The School Board

Last week my director asked if I would like to showcase some of my students' art for the upcoming board meeting.  We talked about how it would be displayed, how many pieces....blah blah blah.  I thought it was a nice I said yes!  I had till Sept 30.  Then I get a call/e-mail saying...that it was not the 30th, but the 23rd.  Hmm..big difference.  Scrambled to get the art mounted & ready...but over all was pleased with it.  Wanted to write a description of each lesson on the boards, but.....something had to give!  ha ha  These are mostly the projects done by my student teacher who has been with me since the start of the school year!  She has been a blessing...and the art room will seem a little empty after fall break! 


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