September 14, 2014

1300+ Followers!!

  1300+ followers on Art With Mr. E!  
I would have never guessed 6 yrs ago when I started this thing...that you all would find me?!?!? 
Who am I that you would spend your precious time here???  What you see is what you get here at Art With Mr. E!  I may not be the flashiest, techiest (is that a word?), funniest, most innovative.........but I am real!  I care!  I believe in the power of art education in the life of our children!  I guess that has resonated with some of you...because you keep coming back.  I appreciate that!!  We were never meant to walk this road alone.  

So blah blah blah...yackity shmackity......THANK YOU....& come again soon!!!  


  1. Thank-you for having us! I know that I appreciate the fact that your posts get to the point, show examples, and are easy to understand. I also like the fact that I can look for an idea and usually find something. If you're in need of ideas, let us know . . . you've already given us so many.
    Keep up the hard work!

  2. I love the sharing/inspiring that can happen in Blogland. Thanks for being part of this community, willing to take the time to share what you love. :D

    Hi! Come visit my art education blog! Browse, take a gander, comment! Thanks!