January 29, 2014

Splat! : 1st Grade

So here is a fun lesson I'm doing with 1st grade.  I call it... SPLAT!  The kids must imagine that a bug just hit their windshield or they just whacked it with a flyswatter or newspaper.  The image is suppose to be humor & cartoon"ish".  The image is traced with Sharpie, colored with marker(bug only) and the rest is watercolor. We used salt to add a little texture to the background.  All and all...this is a fun project that I will revisit next year(even when we aren't having a bug based art show!). 


  1. dang, dude! these are fantastic:)

    1. Ha ha...thanks man! They make me laugh...and the kids really have enjoyed it. Gross is good!!!!!

  2. The one with the X 'd out eye! So hysterical. The concept is so creative.