January 14, 2014

Mr. vid-E-o

Alright friends...I'm going to start trying to do some "vlogs". 
When I attempted this video this morning..I was trying to upload it from my iPad 
using the BLOGSPOT App.    Not happening!!  I had to upload it to YOUTUBE 
and then upload it from my laptop at home(can't access YOUTUBE at school).  
Let me know if you have any other ways to go about it...or if you have an ideas 
for future videos!  


  1. Hi Ted, yes, I agree about the blogspot app. It's unfortunate that with all the fancy iPad app technology that this particular app is so simplistic compared with others I use. Like you, if I write a post on the app, I then go to my laptop or PC to resize the ginormous photos etc before publishing it. So I rarely use the app. But - however you did it, the video played great on my iPad just now, so I'm looking forward to seeing more!

    Can you be specific about how to make the video and upload it to the blog? I have zero video experience.

    One bit of advice, when you posted to Facebook telling about your post, it would help, for those people who don't follow blogs regularly, if you included a link to the blog in your Facebook post. That way people could hop right over. I notice Cassie does that a lot, and I bet it gets her a bunch of blog traffic. Just a thought...

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Phyl!!! :) I ended up uploading it to youtube...then blogger has a function to post youtube videos. Not the easiest way to go about it, but it worked out?!?! :) Guess I'll have a Mr. E Youtube channel now! :) ha ha

  2. Humm... didn't know about the blogger app. I will be checking it out. Thanks!

  3. Hi Ted! R. Hughes, Tom Joy art teacher here! You can apply for an ENA override from the MNPS tech site. Here's how you get to it. Go to the MNPS website and click on the “Employee Portal” link. Click on “Find Teacher Resources” then click on “IT and Help Star”. Under “Networking and Infrastructure Support” you will see the link to the “Authorized Override Information and Form”. Print it, fill it in, get it signed, fax it, wait a bit and eventually you will receive the requisite information and temp password (which you can change when you want). Vlog away, brother! ;)