January 27, 2014

Big Collage Flowers: K

My kindergarten students created these large collage flowers last week that will be going with their big 'ol bumble bees for our all school art show in March!  They did pretty well.  We talked about AB patterns...a skill that is no longer taught in kindergarten with common core(OMG?!?!?!).  One thing I noticed...the cutting skills were really poor.  I talked with our kindergarten team and asked why they thought this was.  The answer was the same from all of them...they no longer have time for cut & paste activities.  WHAT? That kills me.  These kiddos are missing out on a lot of things because the new demands being placed on them.  IT IS A BASIC SKILL THEY NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH.  Anyways!?!?  The flowers are beautiful..and I'm very proud of their work!!


  1. Ted,

    I so agree that they need to learn good scissor skills, an it is a shame that they no longer address it In kinder, at my school basic scissor and ruler skills are now mine to teach.

  2. Did you give them a template to trace or did they cut out these shapes free hand? If so, their skills are really improving!

    1. Hey there Julia, they are all 100% free handed!!! I will use lids to trace at times, but this time I just wanted them to do it the best they could...and as big as they could!! :)

  3. I agree with you that it's so sad that kids are not given the opportunity to form their muscles by using scissors. I am in NYC. A lot of times students come into school and have never even held a pencil!