January 23, 2014

For a Friend

Today...I am asking that those of you who pray & believe in the power of prayer will join with me. 
One of my very best friends (a former art teacher who I first met the very first day of college in a studio art class) had to take her son to Children's Hospital last night up in Ohio after they found blood in his urine.  I received a text from her this morning saying they have found cancer..it is a tumor on his kidney.  They will have to do surgery in the next 48 hrs....and he'll have to go through chemo.  
He is around the same age as my son(two/three ish).  So not only does this hit home because I truly love this

 family, but it also makes me want to scoop up my baby boy & not let him go!!!!!!  
His name is Caleb.. thank you for your prayers!!!!

UPDATE:  JULIE(his mom): "This is what we know: it is stage 4 because of the size of the tumor (soft ball) and it has spread to at least 2 smaller tumors in the lungs. The decision right now is whether to go in and remove the large tumor then do chemo for the lungs or to do chemo to shrink the tumor then do surgery later."

UPDATE UPDATE:  Julie, Mark and Caleb are back from Cincinnati Children's Hospital for the weekend! They will check back in Sunday night and Caleb will begin treatment on Monday. The plan is to begin with surgery to see if they can remove the tumor on Caleb's kidney. If that goes well, they will then begin chemotherapy for the tumors in and around his lungs. Please pray that the surgeons are able to cleanly remove the tumor with no complications.


ALSO..."like" the facebook page I linked above!!!!!!!  You can see updates and send words of encouragement to the family!!!
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  1. Thinking good thoughts for his quick and total recovery!!

  2. Praying for Caleb and believing for a miracle!

  3. OMG! He's in my prayers!
    I just heard about a young mother I know diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a lemon. She has 2 little children too.
    It's just not fair! Good luck to Caleb and strength to all who know him and his family!

  4. Caleb and hgis family are in my prayers. Please keep us posted. Could we make cards with our students and send them to you to forward on to the family? May be an art class project in there.

    1. Linda..that is a super sweet idea. I'll get back to you on that. Right now..they are feeling very overwhelmed...I don't want to add to that. I think cards might be good as they get more into the process of dealing with the cancer!!!!!

  5. Yes, yes, yes, prayers are coming for Caleb and his family.