January 22, 2014

Home Depot Inspiration

You ever walk through Home Depot and get crazy ideas for your classroom?
I am looking at this beautiful green mesh fencing thinking....group weaving!


  1. LOVE it! Go for it and let us know what happens--I'm thinking polar fleece strips would be nice (but expensive if you don't have a "Supplier"....recycled plastic shopping bags cut into strips....yarn, fabric strips (maybe have the students dye the fabric first by dipping cut up white sheets into food dye in water). This would be a nice way to explore texture too. Maybe strips of batting...hmmm....the possibilities!

  2. what a gorgeous idea. I'm so far away and sorry that in our Home depot we don't have mesh. On the other hand, I know where to get t-shirt fabric bands left overs from a "Pouf" manufacture . This would be fantastic for weaving! Keep us posted!
    Good luck
    Neomi ( Israel)