January 02, 2014

Big Idea for the Spring Art Show

Each year my spring art show has a theme.  Last year we did Reduce, Reuse, ReImagine!  I decided during that show...that we'd use bugs as our inspiration this school year.  GOING BUGGIE FOR ART!   As I've been thinking about lessons to go with the bug theme over break.....I began to think outside of our school.  I want our art to make a difference than just the beauty it brings.  With the theme of bugs my mind jumped to Malaria No More...an organization that helps bring nets and other medication to those in Africa that deal with Malaria caused by mosquito bites.  I think I can share this information with my students as we are creating our bug art...and then at the art show have a donation jar.  All money would go to the organization.  We usually have about 200 come to the show...if everyone gave a dollar..that could help 10 to 20 families!!   

What do you think?? Anyone want to join with me??  
Great art...great cause?!?! Could be fun!!!  

1 comment:

  1. Cool Cool Idea!!! I love that a net is so attainable and can save lives. I think this will empower the kids too!!! Great connection