December 07, 2012

Winter Owls w/ Patterns: Kindergarten

This week I read The Little White Owl  to my kindergarten students.  We discussed shape & pattern.  I also introduced construction paper crayons to them. I was thrilled with their work.  They aren't kinderbabies anymore!!!  This is one of the joys of teaching elementary!!!!  My kiddos are growin' up! ha ha


  1. These are adorable - the way I like kinder-art the best.

    Just noticed - I must be a little unobservant not to have noticed before - anyhow I just noticed your wallpaper with turtles and art materials! How perfect for you! Where in the world did you find it?

  2. I made it! :) My fav color is I went around my room and got green stuff & some of my turtles & took a picture. POOF! Background a la Mr. E!