December 14, 2012

What do you notice about these works of art?

This week I was struck by what I think is an interesting a phenomena while grading.  After looking at the pictures..can you tell what it is?  No? Give up?  The colors!  These students gravitated toward a certain color palette this nine weeks in all their projects?!?!?!  I know I've gone through phases with the colors I use in my paintings...but I've never really noticed elementary age students doing this.  Just found it interesting.


  1. It makes sense! If you ask an elementary student what their favorite color is, most of them have one answer. More advanced artists tend to think more about what color works well for the assignment. But, in the lower grades, it's common for students to make a pink dog, and a pink house, and a pink weaving because that's their favorite color :). Some students have 2 or 3 favorite colors, but they'll still use that same color palette whenever possible.

  2. We don't have uniforms so the children wear what they like. I often point out to children the coincidence that they have chosen to work with colours they are wearing.