December 10, 2012

Completed Circle Weavings: 3rd Grade

This week (and a couple classes next week) I'm giving my students back their weavings to finish up while I pass out their clay masks & painting supplies.  2 birds with one stone!!!!!!!  


  1. Is this the youngest grade you've ever done this project with? I have some pretty with-it second graders this year and I was wondering if this would be perfect or too much of a challenge. Any opinions or advice?

  2. Is 3rd the youngest you've ever taught this to? I have some pretty awesome second graders this year and was wondering if I should attempt this with them. Do you think it would be too difficult for slightly smaller hands?

  3. @ J. Cooper - The circle weaving is part of our 3rd Grade that is where we teach it. The 2nd grade does fabric strip weaving...which also part of our curriculum.

  4. Is the yarn pre-cut in certain lengths? If so how long are they?

    1. The warp strings are, but the weft strings are from arm to arm. I have them pull it out..and it must go across their "wing" span.

  5. Is the yarn pre-cut? If so how long are they?