December 09, 2012

Painting at the Grove

My teachers have really come to love our painting nights at school!  I've been happy to witness some nervous new painters become confident experienced painters!!  We were creating Christmas inspired pieces(well...most).  Very thankful for my friend Michael O'Neil of M&M Painting for donating the wood boards we used to paint on(Michael also created the boards we used for the bottle cap mural last year...great friend...and supporter of the arts!!!).


  1. That is so cool! How did something like this get started? Is it just for teachers...meant to be a sort of team-building activity? Do you decide on the activity and invite the teachers after school? I would love to start something like this at my school...our school is full of "clicky" teachers and we need something to make us more of a team again!

  2. We started doing Win Win Wednesdays...which are after school times for the teachers to learn new a make & take for their classrooms..etc. They are meant to be fun..and yes..provide team building. My prin. asked me if I'd do a "sips and strokes" type of painting night for the teachers. Now...every few months...I'm on the schedule. :) It is very well attended..the teachers LOVE it...and lots of laughing/talking/therapy!!! ha ha

  3. That's awesome! I'd love to do an activity on the pottery wheel with teachers during a staff development day...but all of our staff development days now deal with APPR, SLOs, Common Core, etc. Planning an after school activity day might be what I need to do!