December 04, 2012

Monster Dolls/Soft Sculptures: 4th Grade

I have a few more posts coming with these guys!!!!  I really do love all the little personalities they have.  
(ps..I'm still getting the storage message error/issue thing! However, by going to photo manager in microsoft (standard on our school computers)...I resize the photos to Web Large...and am able upload them. Photos below a certain size do not count against your storage)


  1. Excellent. I'm pinning. I can see this working at different ages. These little guys could have their own written profiles."likes, fav food, hobbies etc". Lots of fun. Thanks.

  2. this looks like a peice of quilt with shoes laces attacched..way to keep it brain could definately use simplicity right now

  3. Nathan, sometimes simple is the best. My students have about 0% exposure to sewing. The burlap, plastic needles, and yarn were the best way to introduce something new/different. I want them to feel successful. We're going to move on to other sewing projects later in the year to kind of bump up their skills.