April 17, 2012

Tulip Grove Annual Art Show 2012: A Yummy Night of Art

Food Themed All School Art Show
Every year I'm amazed!  I know that sounds strange coming from the person that witnesses the art at every stage of development.  At times, the work can not truly be appreciated until it is seen from a distance or as a part of a collection of work.  Even as I'm hanging the pieces....I'm not truly experiencing the impact of the art.  When the last piece is hung...and I'm able to stand back...that is when it hits me.  I HAVE AN AMAZING JOB....AN AMAZING CALLING!!!  As much as I inform, inspire, encourage, and challenge....I AM INSPIRED.  How can you not be when you see something like this?!?!  

So the nuts & bolts of the art show.  We have around 550 students...and there is a piece for almost every student (maybe 5 or 6 do not have a piece because of extreme absences or they are new to our school).  Time is taken to go through each class to make sure there is at least one piece per child, each piece is cut down a bit smaller, mounted on black construction paper, 4 pieces of tape placed on the back to prevent oil marks, and 4 pieces of blue wall tacky putty placed on the tape(something in this product makes oily marks on the paper if you don't place tape on the back). There is also the time to hang it up...and create the teacher name plates, and other decorations.  I bring down a bunch of props as well to set the mood(giant crayons/pencils...fake trees/plants...and music!)  If you have never done an all school show...be prepared for a lot of work.  HOWEVER....also be prepared for amazing joy, pride in your students, and a sense of accomplishment when it is all said and done!!!!  All the work is worth it!!!   

3rd Grade 

 4th Grade

( I ask teachers to bring in a box of cookies for the art show..I always have more than enough)

 2nd Grade

1st Grade


(1st grade helped me make these)

The past two years I've had an activity center at my art show.  This asked  guests to the art show to share their favorite foods.  I had a small table with markers & crayons set up beside the butcher paper.  I honestly think at least 50 % of the those attending took the time share!


  1. Congrats to you and your students on a year of awesome work!

  2. I love the art activity that you have set up! I will have to do that next time! Plus the teachers bringing in cookies! Great ideas.

  3. Kristina...the teachers have always been MORE than happy to bring cookies too!! I usually have teachers coming to me the day of the show checking to make sure I have enough...willing to run out and get me more!!! So sweet.

  4. Congrats on a wonderful show with a great theme! Very well presented. I liked your idea about a card with why they like art (earlier post) and "borrowed" it for our show coming up! Enjoy!......Chris

  5. Well done, Ted! I can see where you incorporated all of the cute bottle cap fruits too-they look great! It was a lot of work but I'm sure you're very proud and you should be!


  6. what an amaing show and cool theme!!! the bottle cap art just put it over the top. Kara Sabatella