April 07, 2012

RIP Thomas Kinkade

I've never been shy about my feelings toward Thomas Kinkade & his work. I feel like he sold out to the all mighty dollar & lost some of the heart to his heart.  However, he was a brother in Christ....and seemed to have at one point painted with a heart that is very like my own.  I would have liked to have seen what would have happened stylistically to his work over the years.  54 is way to young to go!!!  The world lost an amazing business man...who was an artist.  I hope that this Easter "Painter of Light"...that you are looking into the face of our Savior & finding peace...joy...and beauty beyond your wildest imagination.  


  1. It's sad that he past away at such a young age...he could still have had a lot of good years to produce new projects.

  2. Hey Ted,

    I was wondering where you've been! Yes,no man is an island, and every man's death diminishes me, or so the saying goes. And I hope your wishes for Mr. Kinkade's trip to the Pearly Gates is realized. I will also pray for all of the people he bilked out of their life's savings by selling them franchises that were doomed to fail. It is so sad that a man who possessed so much talent, used that talent to destroy so many people's livelihoods.
    On a more pleasant subject, my school district has 25 days left of school. I can smell the tanning lotion as we speak!