April 11, 2012

A Post I had To Share: Bottle Cap Mural

I received such a sweet & encouraging e-mail today from Susan Sprunger, an art teacher from Missouri.  She was inspired by the bottle cap mural I had done with my students in the fall & by other bloggers that had been doing bottle cap projects.  She shared with me this amazing project her students had done!! I asked if she'd share a bit more about herself....and if I could post it.  ISN'T IT AMAZING!!!!!!!  Thank you so much for sharing Susan!!!  Encouraging & challenging to see such an amazing work of art!!!!

"I teach K-5 in Missouri. Clark County R-1 has two elementary schools and this mural was done with my kids from Black Hawk Elementary. I showed your cap project and a few others to get their creative juices working. We had about 3 dozen entries in our contest for the design of the mural. The kids are pretty proud of their Indian teams and although the voting was close between 3 of the designs, this one won. One of my fourth grade boys designed it. The kids love it and they are already asking what colors we will need for the next one. We were drinking a lot of A & W cream soda for the indian. Thanks again, your tips really paved the way for a smooth successful project that has the whole school buzzing about it." - Susan Sprunger


  1. Wonderful! Looks like a nice, big mural that will definitely be a treasured piece of art throughout the years!

  2. Wow! Really is a small world! I love your mural Susan and blog too Mr. E! I was reading about Susan and I know exactly where you are! I grew up in northeast Missouri (Williamstown) myself and went to Canton High School. I teach art in the St. Louis area now. Here is my blog: http://thecleverfeather.blogspot.com/
    Thanks for the post Mr. E and great job up in Kahoka Area Susan!!
    Another reason I love these blogs-keeping art teachers connected!

  3. I love that she used a student contest to get the design for the mural! It looks great!
    ~Jessica (missyoungsartroom.blogspot.com)