April 16, 2012

Mayor's Art Show Selections 2012

The Mayor's Art Show is an annual event at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in downtown Nashville, TN.  We are allowed to select 2 pieces of art from each grade level.  Here are the selections for this year's show!

Overlapping Donuts - Kindergarten
Crayons & Glitter Glue

Cat with Fish Toay - Kindergarten
Dino & Design - 1st Grade
Sharpie & Watercolor

 Interior Space with Cat - 1st Grade
Watercolor & Sharpie

 Still Life- 2nd Grade
Colored Pencils

 Abstract Expressionism - 2nd Grade
Tempera Paint

 Under the Sea - 3rd Grade
Paper Weaving, Collagraph Print, Collage

Pacific Northwest Fish - 3rd Grade
Tempera Paint

Pepper - 4th Grade
Watercolor Pencil

Banana - 4th Grade
Watercolor Pencil


  1. Wow, what an outstanding body of work! How do you align your curriculum or do you have freedom?

  2. What materials do you use for collograps? I tried one with pieces of card stock and they didn't come out as clear. I know it's traditionally done with cardboard, but it's too hard for my kids to cut.