April 19, 2012

Cubist People Collages: 2nd Grade

This has to be one of my favorite ones..mainly because it fits the student's personality perfectly!

We have been looking at the work of Pablo Picasso...including watching the Dropping In On... video.  The students really love his work.  We focused on The Three Musicians.  One of the requirements was that the person be in motion somehow some way.  We discussed the joints of the body and how they moved.  Students demonstrated poses that they could represent in their work.  I also asked that they create an environment & have interesting details.  

It is hard to see, but the layering on this one is AMAZING!!!


I'm not a fan of blood & such in kids art, but this was so clever...I had to share it!  The person fell through the window head first and cracked their head!  I'm not sure if that is blood or their brain on the floor, but I gotta say....I asked for details....and I got them!!!!


  1. First, it's mazing that these were done by 2nd graders!! They definitely "got" the idea of motion in their figures. Beyond that, I love that they chose different colored backgrounds because that makes the overall display even more spectacular. Another detail that make these "pop" is the checkerboard floor -- LOVE IT!! Did you suggest that or was it one of those things that one child did and others followed suit? Either way, it surely adds to the feeling of whimsy. GREAT JOB, 2nd graders!!

  2. These are so awesome Ted! How fun would it be to film them, add some jazzy dance music and VOILA! An animated film! Love them all, but the guy with the cat stole my heart!

  3. I'm lovin' the girl with the pom poms. Is she a cheerleader? I love all the angles and movement in her pose - very exuberant!

  4. Christie..I was super impressed with my kiddos!! You should have seen the fool I made of myself posing..ha ha Funny thing...didn't phase the kids at all..they were so use to it!

    Pat..the cat one is pretty awesome.

    Phyl..yep...cheerleader!! it is more awesome in person!!

  5. Ha!ha! These are hilarious and super cute! Thanks for sharing!