April 24, 2012

Fast Pace Mixed Media : 1st Grade

We completed these in one hour long class time!  Some could use a bit more work, but over all I was thrilled with the fast paced lesson's results.  We started by painting a piece of paper with yellow & orange tempera.  Pushing that aside to dry they moved on to select a neutral color background page(three different browns,and three different grays to select from).  They were asked to use neutral colors to create a pattern for a wall paper effect.  They then glued on a piece of black paper for the table.  Next they selected a bright colored piece of paper to create the vase.  I showed them several styles of vases and how to fold the paper to cut out the shape.  They glued around the vase except for the top so they could slip the stems of the flowers into the opening.  After that they were able to select a piece of green paper(had about 5 different greens available) to create the stems and leaves.  With 10 min. to go...I had them cut out flower shapes from their painted paper.  Only two students were unable to finish when all was said & done(but they were not following directions ...and wasted a great deal of time doing what they weren't suppose to).  

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