September 01, 2011

Nonobjective Abstract Collage w/ Focal Point - 2nd Grade

That's how we roll at The Grove....Make a project at the start of the year that uses as many vocabulary words as humanly possible to give the students art whiplash! ha ha ha  I'm doing(and my student teacher will be taking over) a unit on abstract art work.  I realized that I sometimes stay away from the topic because I'm afraid they won't "get it".  Last week we created Cubist self portraits, this week these lovelies, next week we'll look at Matisse's later work, and the following week we'll create paper sculptures.  The kids really seem to be enjoying looking at & creating this "crazy" art!

I've actually been pleased with how this project has been turning out.  I've really enjoyed teaching the many ways focal point can be accomplished.  Many have gone in the same direction in their collages, but if asked...they could name at least 4 different ways to achieve focal point(some maybe more). 

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