September 09, 2011

Looking at Matisse : 2nd Grade Collage

This is an actual collage by Matisse.  It was in Ms. Piper's(my student teacher) Power Point she created to introduce the students to Matisse's later work.

Here are the student's version.  I think this was a great first project for Ms. Piper! The only direction I gave her was that I wanted the unit on abstraction to continue! 


  1. SO cool! did they paint the back ground and then add the white paper, paint it all or was it all paper? I am going link your blog to my second graders art teachers (yes each boy has a different teacher...sort of annoying really!)

  2. looks good! seems like we're on the same track of ideas here, ha. i did a matisse lesson with my 3rd graders!

  3. Terrific! Oh how I love anything Matisse...