September 14, 2011

Dinosaurs Are Not Extinct at Tulip Grove


So a few weeks ago Dr. Rushlow (prof at MTSU & former NAEA pres.) e-mailed me and asked if I would be interested in a 9 ft long dinosaur. does one respond to that?  It isn't like you're asked that everyday?!?!  She & her husband "rescued" it from Craigslist.  A teacher had made it for something at her school and decided she wanted to get rid of it.  It has wood & chicken wire armature, but was in need of a total body lift!  The little boy in me said....YES!!!!!!!! DINOSAUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But once I got it...the OCD in me goes...OH MY GOSH...DINOSAUR?!?!?!  I repapered the entire thing with magazines & liquid starch.  I then painted it using acrylic paint, and finsihed by giving it a clear polymer coat. I really wish I had a before picture so you could see just how much of a "lift" I gave my Artosaurus!!!  So this is my big and beautiful 9ft dino.....NOW WHAT?!?!?!   

I decided that Artosaurus needed babies! Kind of like how my big mamma alien last year!  ha ha  They are using TP rolls for the trunk of the dino, magazines, tape, and glue.  They are turning out ok...but taking longer than I hoped!  The mayor is coming to our school on the 29th of this month to kick off ARTOBER for all of Nashville(not just a school thing...the whole city is involved!).  I'm going to be pushin' it to get these sweet little dinos ready!! Cross your fingers & wish me luck! :)  ha ha


  1. DINO-MITE!!!You and I are so sympatico, brother! I could NEVER turn down a 9 ft. Dinosaur! Great job on the makeover too.

  2. Perhaps your handsome (male) 9'dinosaur and my (female) 5'dragon could get together and make some dragosaurus babies! We could be grandparents together! My biggest challenge with having a huge critter in my room is where to put her, since her wingspan is as wide as her body is long (so we take them off most of the time).

    Can't wait to see how your dino-babies turn out - I always love papier-mache!

  3. I love it! How did you make the armature for the giant dinasaur? It's beatiful!Can't wait to see how the babies turn out! I wish I had the storage space to do something like that! SO FUN!