August 09, 2011


This is Janet(Ms. Malone) & I at inservice today!  We always help out in the morning with registration....and like to "dress up" to bring a smile to people's faces.

Art teachers really have a hard time just setting there listening! be fair...there was a lot of setting there listening.  BRING ON THE CLAY!!!!!!!!!!

We created clay fish & used slip to paint them.  Take a moment to look through the pictures...there are some awesome fish!!!!! 

This is my fish!

This was at The Frist Center for the Visual Arts.  We were listening to a presentation on the Egyptian exhibit that will be arriving soon.  It was interesting, but we were all wanting to get to the gallery to see the Warhol exhibit(AND WAS IT EVER AMAZING!!!!!!). 


  1. Still jealous. I don't sit still well either, but I stay attentive by doodling while I listen. Love the clay fish, especially the one with the person inside. Looks like you were having a blast. Can't imagine what you and Mrs. Malone were saying about me!!!!

    How many art teachers were there?

  2. Phyl, we have 90+ elementary art teachers in our district. I think we have around 70 elementary schools. I believe if a school is over 600 students they get a second art teacher. At my school we have about 520 students. We have two PE, two music, and one me! I think we have around 150 art teachers total with middle and high school.

  3. I am so jealous.....90 colleagues to bounce ideas off of AND the FRIST & WARHOL!!! Jeez, I have 4 colleagues and I'm the only one who ever says,"Let's get together!" Oh well, at least I get a brand spankin' new ARTROOM this year!! Pictures soon.......P.S.
    I love your froggy hat and apron MR. E-:)

  4. How do you create the slip to color the fish. I love these!

  5. These are great! Did these fish start as clay slabs - folding the edges to meet in the middle (leaving the center hollow for the body) to create the top fin?