August 07, 2011

County Fair Art Show

One of the joys of living outside of Nashville is you can  have the small town feel but be oh-so-close to the big city!!!  Nothing makes me think of my small town roots like the county fair!  However, we have the county fair of county fairs!(rated one of the top in the USA)  Last year I submitted one of my paintings in the art exhibition and won second place!  They only allow you to submit one per category.  So I submitted WINTER(I made in my last semester of grad school) which is watercolor & HARVEST TIME(I made over two days before having to submit it!) which is mostly colored pencil. When I dropped them off I got a glimpse of the other pieces...some great stuff!  Ya might not think you get quality at a county fair...but I'm excited to see it all up!!!  I'll let you know if I win!!  Hopefully the goats & pigs don't break in and eat our art!!! ha ha