May 17, 2011

Watercolor/Tempera Skyline - 1st Grade

Students first draw an interesting skyline.  I encourage them to make each building unique & to vary the height. Next students use watercolor to paint a sunset.  They are encouraged to try wet on wet so the edges of  each color are soft.  I also showed them how to pounce in clouds(but not many of them tried it).  Last they use black tempera to paint the skyline.  I have them start at the bottom of the page to give the watercolor more time to dry.  This lesson takes one 1hr long class time. 


  1. So cool! We have the kids art show tonight...I will post pictures for you to enjoy. I know I will be coming home with a pinch pot from each (k-4 do a pinch pot every year)

  2. Is it just me or are there a few "Batman buildings" in there. I love that they draw inspiration from what they know.