May 06, 2011

Great Professional Development Day!

Our district offers professional development here and there, but it is hardly ever art focused.  Teachers that want to participate in PD have to sign up through a system called ERO & usually it is a limited number.  I was co-leading the Google Presentation workshop with Tisch, and had around 20 awesome art teachers from elementary & middle school in attendance.  I've found that if you want PD...sometimes you have to do it yourself(ya just can't wait for it to happen).  We started the day with a getting to know you Google Presentation of 2 Truths & a Lie(too funny & very eye opening!! ha ha).  Then we moved into creating presentations of common lesson ideas.  Some were very specific. Some were artist focused. Some were process focused.  Some where concept focused.  The teachers then "shared" their Google Presentation with me(I created a gmail just for this PD), and I uploaded them to a blogspot.  This blogspot will be a new resource page for the art teachers of Nashville(as well as anyone else who stops by for a visit).  It is a work in progress...and could be updated from now till forever(or whenever I stop teaching/drop dead).  I am hoping we'll continue to add Presentations to the site for a long time so it will become the Art Presentation Library I dream it can be!!!  Oh...and the teachers...had a great time!!  How can ya not when you get a fun group of people together to talk shop & make stuff?!?!?  My goal next year is that we have at least 4 PD days that focus on media.  We can't all be awesome at everything..and some of us did not take classes in college that would help us teach what we're suppose to be teaching(print making...weaving..clay..etc).  Or maybe we're ok at it...but we want to get new ideas from other teachers.  The thing is...we have enough experts in our ranks.....we don't have to go outside of our system to find people to lead our PD!!! 

Wanna take a peek at what we did......

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