February 23, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Laziness


Art is a discipline.  Art requires discipline.  Like an athlete training to become the best at their sport, art requires practice/training to advance personally and professionally.  I'm not necessarily saying that it has to be "formal".  For some, it is simply pursing their art on a consistent basis.  Too often we allow days or weeks to pass without creating.  We, at times, halfheartedly work on our art. We become lazy.  Choosing not to challenge ourselves, being willing to try new materials, or not seeking out new skill sets are some of the other signs of laziness. There are consequences to not doing what you know you should be doing.Resting on previous work or ways of working will slowly erode what once was able to be accomplished.  

I don't know if I've ever used Judges in my Sunday Devotionals?!? ha ha  This section of scripture truly baffled me at first.  A person who ruled Israel for twenty-two years & had thirty sons (riding thirty donkeys?) you would think was extremely successful.  However, why would Israel once again do evil in the eyes of the Lord when their leader died? Things were happening during Jair's leadership that led Israel to this outcome.  Laziness.  Israel did not just decide to turn their back on God because Jair died.  They began allowing things in their lives that slowly eroded their foundation in the Lord.  They became too comfortable. Remember that weird factoid about Jair's sons riding donkeys?  Well, the fact that they were riding donkeys was a sign that they were in a time of peace.  Things were "easy".  Sometimes when things are easy & comfortable....we allow things to creep into our lives that we might not normally.  Before you start shaking your head or wagging your finger at Israel....make sure you are looking at your own life.  Have you ever let things slide in your life that maybe shouldn't?  We all have become lazy & allowed things into our heart, mind, and life that once would have never had a chance.  It is a good reminder that we must be diligent, hard working, and ever mindful.  If we are not going & growing in God.....that we might fall into trap of laziness. 

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