February 28, 2020

Mondrian: Kindergarten

Ms. Witt (my student teacher) wanted to introduce basic ruler skills to kindergarten.  She used an oldie but a good lesson:  MONDRIAN!  It is a great way to have students use rulers, be successful, and end with a beautiful piece of art.  (AND THEY LOVED IT!)

She started by talked to them about the uses of a ruler, how to hold a ruler still, and things to avoid when using a ruler.  They students then created a grid across their paper.  She used tempera cakes(love the color) for them to paint their work.  Once again, she went over the basic skills of painting....how to hold a brush, how to rinse the brush, how to "use" the brush appropriately. This lesson has so many great skills to review and reinforce!! This is a great time of the year to make sure your kinders have a good foundation in the skills you want to build upon in coming lessons...and in coming years.

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