February 21, 2020

I always feel like.....

I always feel like ....some dino's watching me! 
(If you don't know this reference....just move along to the pictures?!)

My student teacher did this lesson with my 3rd graders.  The kids LOVED this project!! Even though this COULD be a lesson that yielded look-a-like/copy cat art.....the students really created unique works that expressed personal style & choice.  Ms. Witt started the lesson by looking at images of reptile eyes & artist renderings of dinosaur eyes. They discussed the parts of the eye & texture of the surrounding skin.  Students started by drawing the eye and scales. They then used tempera cakes to begin painting their projects.  This was a two week lesson(our classes are an hour in length).

SIDE NOTE:  I have a student that rarely gets into her art, but this time did not want to stop! She came back during her free time to finish it.  It is such a joy to find something that sparks the imagination, heart, and interest of a student! 

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