February 12, 2020

Incised Plate Printing With Paint Sticks

I will often use marker for incised plate printing with my younger students....with mixed results.
After trying the Sargent Solid Tempera Paint Sticks, I don't think I'll ever use markers for this again!

There are different brands out there (DO NOT USE THE DOLLAR GENERAL VERSION..TERRIBLE!)  of the paint sticks, but I'm a huge fan of Sargent! 

(I did switch to blue from the original purple above!)


  1. I am intriged!Tempera stiks are new to me .Are the dry? when do you add water and how?
    your result is realy nice.
    Am realy intrested!
    Best Regards
    Neomi from Israel (neomivera@bezeqintnet)

  2. Do you have any tips? Did you have the students use only one color? I tried this with a different brand and most of the prints did not come out. I think they dried too fast.