February 16, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: More Than Talk

There is an extremely callous statement volleyed around art educators far too often... "Those who can't....teach."  Some of the most gifted artists I know are also educators.  They do not teach because they are unable to create masterful works.  They teach because their passion for the visual arts compels them to train up the next generation of artists.  They will not be happy just talking about art.  They will not be happy just creating their own work.  Their happiness comes from helping students see their potential or grasp a skill/concept that has eluded them.  They are more than talk.  They make a difference through their art in action.  

The Christian community is often viewed as hypocrites.  When did we become a people of words and not actions?  Is that even biblical? No wonder those outside of the faith are confused and at times repulsed by those who claim Christianity.  No wonder they do not have a clear picture of God when they look at those who say they know him.  Those who claim faith in God must put into action the teachings they have learned.  If our life is not impacted, guided, and motivated by the love of the Lord....we have missed the heart of the message we say we believe.  Our life should be a reflection of that love so graciously given to us.  Our life should be about the doing...because that is what was shown us.  It is more than talk. It is action. It is love.  

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