November 06, 2018

Sketchbook Prompts

Former students attending a charter school with no art....a 2nd grader who is asking for art homework...and others out there looking for ideas to help them create......
By no means is this an exhausted list of ideas...but it is a place to start!!  I may add more to this over time.  I hope that it helps some of you looking for direction!!  

I would print this list out & place it in your sketch book/note book.  That way you can check off the ideas as you create them.  Items can be drawings, paintings, collage...whatever you would like to do! 

  1. Dream Bedroom.
  2. You were shrunk and are standing somewhere that everything is giant compared to you.
  3. Combined 3 or more animals into a new create, and create its habitat.  
  4. Futuristic Car/Truck.
  5. Underwater World (Think Atlantis!).
  6. Royal Outfit.
  7. Favorite Food.
  8. Design a logo for your favorite fruit/vegetable. (Logo is like the Nike Swoosh or the symbol on the Pepsi can.)
  9. Insect or Creepy Crawly attacking a city.
  10. A magic world! 
  11. Animals dressed as people.
  12. Rocket ship that could carry people from the moon & back.
  13. A robot that could do a chore you do not enjoy doing. 
  14. Alien plant growing in your garden/flowerbed.
  15. Animal in a tree....that doesn't belong in a tree.
  16. Dark and stormy night.
  17. Bug in a spider web.
  18. Playing a sport.
  19. Favorite nursery rhyme.
  20. Illustrate your favorite song.
  21. Food with a face/arms/legs.
  22. Bundled up for cold weather.
  23. Dragon(s) in flight.
  24. Create your own cartoon character, his/her friends and/or enemies, and setting.
  25. Scribble & then turn it into something awesome.
  26. Draw something you know well(pet, toy, friend, food) with your eyes closed(NO CHEATING!).
  27. In the jungle.
  28. You with crazy hair.
  29. Tree house.
  30. Design your own board game.
  31. Give an animal wings that doesn't have wings(Bat wings, butterfly wings, bird wings, bug wings..etc).
  32. On a farm.
  33. A boat on water.
  34. Tropical island.
  35. At the circus.
  36. If sharks could fly.
  37. Peacock.
  38. Invention that would help you.
  39. Something shiny.
  40. An open door.
  41. Inside your favorite store.
  42. You as a superhero.
  43. Make a sign/advertisement of something that is important to you.
  44. Something sweet to eat.
  45. What would you do with a million dollars?
  46. If you could travel back in time...where would you go?
  47. A room you are in has no gravity..what does it look like.
  48. Dinosaurs are alive and well today.
  49. A day at the amusement park.
  50. Helping someone.

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