November 05, 2018

Inspired by Beatriz Milhazes: 1st Grade

This is a work by Beatriz Milhazes, but I could not find the title.

When my practicum student introduced me to the art of Beatriz, I instantly connected with it! My mind instantly jumped to possible projects I could do with my students inspired by her beautiful work. The first project I came up with was a mixed media piece for 1st grade. Day one the students used rulers and lids to make designs. Then they traced their marks with crayons to add extra color to their work. Next students painted the picture. They were encouraged to use as many colors as possible. This week we are retracing areas that are not showing up well...and filling in white spaces that didn't get painted. Then they used patterned paper to create flower shapes, vines, and organic/geometric shapes. I'm really excited to see how the rest of my classes do!!  

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