November 16, 2018

Collagraph Prints: 2nd Grade

So the past two class times in 2nd grade we've been working on collagraphs.  When I first started teaching...I had no idea what they were.  I did not have art till high school...and we jumped straight into linoleum block printing. When I went to college...print making was one of the classes I did not end up taking.  So...needless to say...I've learned a lot "on the job".  I honestly feel I learn something new every school year in regards to print making with my students.  AS IT SHOULD BE!!!

This year I decided to mark the tables with painters tape for where they needed to place their printing plate.  That way the mess is more on one side when they are inking their plates, and there will be space for them to print onto their paper that is clean(ish).  I also used the painters tape to tape down the trays for the ink.  After years of having them move all over the place and kids incredibly messy  trying hold it down as they obtained ink....the painters taped did the trick!!!

Someone asked me online how I do my plates because they looked different than theirs.  I just used regular old construction paper!!!  I usually do use tag board, old folders, or card stock, but this year I totally forgot.  These are a very happy accident!!  The key though is...glue coverage on the back so they do not peal up when applying ink!!  

Here are some of their beautiful pieces!!!



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