March 12, 2017

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: Time

Spring has to be one of my craziest times of the year.   I have portfolios, art shows, grading, and other special projects that seem to converge at the same time.  No matter how much I try to stay ahead, nothing seems to help alleviate the stress/hecticness of this season.  Counting, compiling, checking, and preparing have no short cuts.  There is no way to "fake" the things that must be done.  Artists & art educators understand this extremely well. Maybe it is partially because we tend to be perfectionists.  It is obvious when things in the art world are not done well or rushed.  My heart races a little bit as I write this.  I am thinking of all that there is still left to do, and hoping that it will truly represent the work my students & I have invested into this thing called art this school year. If only there was more time.

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place where he prayed.  Mark 1:35

Time is one of those things that truly is an equalizer.  Everyone has the same amount of time in a day. We all of those moments where we wish we could slow things down or "freeze" time.  Those moments that are so special we just want to hang on a bit longer.  We also all have those times we'd like to rush past because they are hard/unpleasant.  Like me in the midst of the busyness of spring, we would love to add more minutes in the day to accomplish all the tasks needing to be done.  However, time is set & we must make the most of what we've been given.  Good, bad, or busy days must be lived, and not wished away or prolonged.  Each moment we are given is an opportunity to know God & to make him known.  We are not to just know him in the good times, but in the bad, busy, and stressful times as well.  He is faithful in all.  He is never changing.

Jesus knew what it was like to be busy, have the weight of the world on his shoulders, and to experience the good a day had to offer.  He is our example for all things...including time.  If he felt that it was important to get away and spend time in prayer, why would we not make that a priority in our own life.  Maybe, if we "added" this into our day (whenever & as often as possible) we might find the moments we have maximized for God's glory. I truly believe if we took time to pray, submitting our moments, days, life to God.....he would reveal our priorities, strengthen us in our stresses, and draw us into a closer relationship with him.  THAT. IS. WORTH. OUR. TIME.

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