March 14, 2017

Magic Art Money = Supplies

I'm not sure where our Visual & Performing Arts Director for the district found this "Magic Money".  I've not really seen this happen in my 20 yrs teaching in Nashville......BUT.....don't question "Magic Money" and FREE ART SUPPLIES.  I'm a part of a team of art teachers for our district that help guide/direct some things.....and we put together a list of needed supplies for a majority of elementary art teachers(mostly the amazing Ms. Malone created the dear friend/ little sister I never wanted ).  I volunteered my school for the supplies to be stored & distributed to the elementary art teachers....OH MY...WHAT WAS I THINKING.  We are talking about $6,000 in art supplies I believe?!?!?!?!  I had to check all the boxes, organize, unpack...blah blah blah.  Needless to say my planning times & lunch periods have been devoted to the task.  Being a busy father of is hard to stay late at school.  So this is what it looks like!!!  

With an ever shrinking art budget...this is such a blessing.  Who knows if we'll find "Magic Money" next year or not...but I'm going to be thankful for it today!!!!!


  1. Wow! I love how you all cooperated to use the magic money. And I hope Mt. Boxington gets a new life as an ingredient in art works!