April 26, 2016

Art Dad

My son wakes up at the crack of down and starts playing!  As I was getting ready for work the other day, Eli comes into the room with Merc (character from a show he loves!).  "Daddy, can you fix Merc?"  I looked...he had snapped his neck off (4 yr olds & skinny necks are not a good mix). Not sure I could...I told him I'd take it to school and try.  I found some super glue when I got to my room & went to work.  I decided to have a little fun once I realized his neck was pretty secure.  Here are the adventures of Merc in the Art Room!
(If you haven't seen me use PicCollage in the past...it is one of my fav apps on my iPad!!!  I love creating things on it!!! It is super easy to use...check it out!!)

1 comment:

  1. Love this--I once had my daughter's ugly doll "Squiggy" fly off into space using pic collage (you can--or USED to be able to-- remove the backgrounds in photos). Pic collage rocks!