April 12, 2016


So this marks the 15th K-4th art show I've done at TGE! Time flies so quickly.  It is also pretty amazing how much you learn over time to help with such an enormous task (this year 530 pieces of art hung).  Unfortunately...there are also things I never seem to learn & stress out each year(I think I live on stress some times?!?!).

This post I'll show you the whole sha-bang!  My plan is to break grade levels down...as well as tips for putting on a successful art show, and I place that in a series of blog posts.  I'd love to hear how you handle doing an all school art show as well!!  This old dog likes to learn new tricks!!! 

I'm in charge of the main hall boards...self promotion at its finest!!

My kids acting silly in front of the inflatable robot (something we already had at the school... thought it was a great way to advertise for the show!!)  
We are a Title 1 school (80%+)...so it is important to keep records of how many people attend our functions.  Plus..I like to see how the numbers stack up to years past.  The baskets contain THANK YOU cards that the kids made for those who attend.  We only had two left over...pretty good!! 
Activity table!!  I started doing activities at my art shows a few years ago. I love seeing the kids make things along side their parents/grandparents!!  
Here is the end product of the activity table!!


Kindergarten did a mixed media project. They used crayon, water color, and construction paper.


1st Grade did tempera paint robots with a pattern background (construction paper crayons). 


There are three different projects I displayed for 2nd grade.  There was a real struggle for consistency in this grade level's projects.  I ended up doing several under the theme...and letting them select their favorite. 


I hate to play favorites, but this project was my favorite out of the whole art show. The variety blows me away...and level of craftsmanship is WONDERFUL!  The students spent about three weeks on it.
The first week we painted alien landscapes.  The second week they created a unique rocket ship.  The third week they used colored pencils to add detail and "FINISH" the picture off.  I want to take half of them home with me!!!! ha ha 


4th grade has two different projects they chose from.  I liked both lessons..and really was happy with their choices.  I feel it shows a great level of accomplishment, and that they are ready for 5th grade!  

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