April 19, 2016

Evaluation Time W/ My Peeps

Spring is a crazy busy time for all of us in the arts! Programs, shows, squeezing in the last bit of learning before summer break....SO MUCH GOING ON!  I've got another layer added on to the craziness...I'm on the state team for evaluating visual art portfolio's for teacher evaluations.  I love doing it.  I get to be a part of helping teachers celebrate their strengths & find areas they might need to improve (Lord knows I have a bunch of areas to improve!!!).  This is our 3rd year in TN(not all of TN is doing it, but the larger districts are...and several smaller) doing this portfolio review.  I love that 50% of my score is no longer based on math/reading scores on standardized testing!!!!  

These are my friends...some I've been with since the beginning of my career!!
Some we've picked up along the way!! :)  

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