March 04, 2015

WKU Art Ed PD Continued

Ok, I'm a hot mess or something....
I never posted the rest of the pictures from the Professional Development I did up at 
Western Kentucky University?!?!?!  

Here is the short of it...

I assigned the groups an artist.  They had to use that artist as inspiration to create a unit.  The unit had to be made of several projects...using several different media.  They also had to create one RAZZLE DAZZLE project that was using multiple sources to create(more than one grade level...whole school..parents...teachers...etc).

This is "kind of" the process we use when we're creating our ARTOBER lessons...or other district art projects.  I think planning with other teachers is such a beautiful way to create deep & meaningful units/lessons!!!  They are able to encourage, challenge, and bring their experiences to the table. That keeps things fresh.

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