March 07, 2015

Emotion Monsters: Kindergarten

I was teaching my kindergarten students about "expression" in art.  We talked about this in relation to mood/emotion.  The students enjoyed making faces at each other...attempting to show MAD/HAPPY/SAD/ANGRY/SCARED.  We discussed what the face "did" to express emotion.  We also discussed colors and how they related to mood/emotion.  

Each student was given a 12x12 piece of white paper & a diffuser circle.  They were instructed to trace the circle onto the white paper.  They then placed the circle out of the way & created an emotion monster.  Students then took their circle and drew lines of color on the diffuser circle using water based markers.  I then sprayed their papers with water.  The following week they got both the paper and the circle back.  We created a second monster with the diffuser circle itself on black paper.  Students used construction paper crayons to finish the monster from the previous week....and they used construction paper crayons & collage to finish the new one.  


  1. I bet this would work well with coffee filters too! I am going to try this out with a few classes to see how it goes. Thanks for the idea

  2. What is a diffuser circle? Where do I get them?

    1. Kind of like a coffee filter. You can find them in any art catalog ...usually in the "craft" section.