March 06, 2015


So I've been in denial....denial that winter is going to rob me of time with my students.   I've missed 10 days of class time over the past 3 weeks.  BOOOO!!!!  I hate missing school...I really do.  So this past week I started doing these rain collages (because I want it to be spring...NOW!!!). didn't work...because we missed Thurs. & Friday.  However...I'm loving these pieces.  We talked about composition, contrast, and reviewed the elements & principles.  I also tried out a class set of "glue sponges".  The kids loved the glue sponges...I'm a bit mixed on my feelings toward them.  Maybe I'll do a post on that later.


  1. 10 days?! that's crazy! digging the raindrops, sir. they remind me of a mosaic i did years ago with the whole school at zamorano. perhaps this will cheer you up:)

  2. I had been thinking about a mola project for spring for my young kids and raindrops may be a great idea - thanks!

  3. We're only up to four extra days. Now instead of getting out on a Monday we're getting out on a Friday at the end of the year! I love these collages. I've done raindrops too - but with markers in blue, purple, and turquoise bled with water over it to create that "rainy" day haze.

  4. If it makes you feel better... I still have snow in my backyard :-( Nice project!

  5. Question about your glue sponges....some of mine keep drying out. Are you having trouble with that? I can't figure it out because some NEVER dry out between uses.

    1. The ones that dry out for me have either had not enough glue..or a small crack in the container. I had gotten cheapie throw away containers...may need to upgrade.