December 17, 2013

"UN" Snowman Behavior Paintings: 4th Grade

This 9 weeks we have Narrative Painting in our curriculum.  With all the snowman fun being had by the teachers, I thought I'd allow my 4th Graders to use a snowman as their main character.  The assignment was to place a snowman in an "un"snowman setting doing an "un"snowman thing!  Though some are not finished, I had a lot of fun & twisted ideas!!!!

The picture above has a dog munching on the snowman because he's hot!!! ha ha  

Artist in Residence painting at the museum.

Plein Air Painting on the beach.

Grey's Anatomy snowman style!

TN snowpeople on vacation at the beach!!

I LOVE THE WATER AND SKY!!!!  Surfin' family style.

Snowmen have to go to school too!!!

Mad scientist snowman (Dr. Frankinsnowman?).

I'm not sure if this is Walking Dead snowman...or Rambo Snowman?!?!?  

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