December 05, 2013


This year's offering of completed circle weavings!!!!  
Here are some links to the directions & such for those of you who may be knew 
here & would like more information!  


  1. Love the colors! I've been doing circle weaving with my fourth graders for several years, but we "scrunch" them (basically pull the weft tighter) and form them into little baskets and remove them from the loom. I use heavyweight paper plates and we cut 21 slots for the warp yarn. Same idea, just different results! I like your idea with the colored sections because I always have some "reluctant weavers" who want to get on with something other than yarn. This might be a good second option for them.

  2. I'm not much of a weaver and I'm having a hard time getting 11 notches into my heavy duty paper plate. It's about 10 inches in diameter. Any suggestions for measuring to cut the slits?

    1. Erin...your best bet is to pick up a pencil..and kind of lightly sketch the lines around. You need to end up having them very evenly spaced. I've actually taken out a ruler to make sure the distance was close to the same all the way around. Once you have even distance....make a cheat plate out of a paper plate and cut notches out. That way you can quickly make the lines. I have enough for one for cheat plate for each table so the kids can make their own marks and cut it. speeds things up big time!!!