December 06, 2013

Faculty/Staff Snowmen 2013!

My Snowman & Kids!

 This is the second time I've done the snowmen with the faculty and staff at my school...and they are AMAZING this year!!!  Oh my gosh, I've loved coming in every day and finding new snowmen in my room or mailbox!!!!  

HERE IS THE BONUS:  The last time we made these....we used up all of our snow days!!!!  So they are kind of our winter good luck charms.  Today we actually had early dismissal because a storm system was coming through. So maybe there is something to these snowmen!!!  
Maybe you should do them with your faculty!!  

(I made blank snowmen for the teachers to take & use as a base.)


  1. I love this idea, what a great way to foster community among teachers!

  2. This is an awesome idea!! Such a fun thing for teachers to do!!

  3. What direction did you give the faculty with the base snowman?

    1. I gave them no real direction after handing them the blank snowman base. I told them they could do one that symbolized them....or an interest...or they could just go classic snowman! I wanted them to have fun...with no real restrictions. Though next year I may make some rules....some of them added so much..they are heavy & 3-D! And I had to hot glue them to the wall(which I don't like to do).