December 18, 2013

Tacky Sweater Day 2013

Does your school have Tacky Christmas Sweater Day?  We started about 3 yrs ago...and it keeps getting bigger & better!  The kids LOVE IT!  The teachers LOVE IT!  It is totally a win/win activity!! 
If you aren't doing it yet...step up & take the lead.  I, being a super sized individual, made my own "Tacky Christmas Sweater".  I started it last year, and have decided I'll add something each year to tack on some tacky!!!  Today I has several teacher approach me about having an after school MAKE-A-TACKY-SWEATER session next year.  I LOVE THE IDEA!  How much fun!!  Everyone will bring their "base" it a sweater, vest, tie...whatever.  They will also bring some items to share (felt, fabric, buttons, do-dads).  Glue guns will fly...sparkles will will be had!

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  1. We are starting one this year and I have mine ready to go!!! I love the idea about having a get together to work on them! Thanks for the post and love your sweater!