April 21, 2013

Reduce, Reuse, Re IMAGINE!: 4th Grade

4th Grade's Saint Basil's Cathedral inspired pictures looked WONDERFUL displayed together.  It is interesting because when I was going through and trimming/mounting them...I wasn't as impressed.  
They used construction paper, scrap book paper scraps, magazines, and this strange silver stuff for the creation of the onion domes & towers. 


  1. Hi Ted

    These cathedrals look great. The 'silver stuff' and magazine/scrapbook papers are really interesting. I am doing a St. Basil's project right now and will show your students' work to my 6th graders.

    1. :) Thanks Rina! We think the silver stuff may be what you put food on in the microwave to help it not be soggie?!?! Not sure...they came in a large pack..and had no lables.