April 01, 2013


We just returned to school after our 2 week spring break!!!  This was the first year for the 2 week thing...so I'm still deciding on if I am a fan or not.  I think so...but it sure was hard to come back!!!!! ha ha  

I'll be posting some pics of spring break stuff, but I thought I'd start with PEEPS!!
I may have a problem... but my wife totally enables it!!  Each year I'm excited to look in my Easter basket and find a rainbow of Peeps & Peep Products!!!!!!!    This should last me a month or so...maybe!  ha ha 


  1. If you haven't discovered the best way to eat a peep... let them air for a day (or two or three) and then blast them for 15 seconds in the microwave. AMAZING!

  2. dang, yo. that's a lotta peeps! we have a 4 week spring break. just started today. i love it. great for recharging, house projects, lesson planning, and camping:) we're on a year round sched. 4 off in the winter, 4 off in the spring, and 6 in the summer (we go til july 20).

  3. Peeps are great! Love the peep blowing the bubble on the bubble gum package :) I have always wanted to do a peep observation drawing project after Easter!

  4. But I do not see any Hello Kitty Peeps.....the bunny brought those for Gretchen. And you know you can paint with them....just saying.